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Top Trends for Blinds in 2018

Blinds are making a major appearance in trendy homes in recent years. It may not seem like it but blinds can either make or break the vibe of your living space. They take up a big space of your wall and most probably one of the most eye-catching things your guests will notice once they step into the room. But fret not, we’re sharing the top upcoming trends for blinds in 2018 so you will get the hang (ba-dum-tss) of turning your space from drab to fab.

Top Trends for Blinds in 2018 - Top Trends for Blinds in 2018

1. Tech-y and design

Technology is catching up really fast; it has incorporated itself beyond just our phones and tablets, now even taking its place in smart homes. Smart and automated blinds are sure to make it big in 2018 to fit in the modern and contemporary designs of savvy and convenient homes.

Top Trends for Blinds in 2018 - Top Trends for Blinds in 2018

2. Natural materials

Despite the takeover of everything technology, people are also taking a step back into what’s most natural and elementary. Blinds made of eco-friendly materials are making its way into our homes to tone down what technology has done to these spaces. Bamboo blinds, matchstick blinds, or blinds with natural woven shades can give a home that natural touch it needs to neutralize the “techy-ness”.

Top Trends for Blinds in 2018 - Top Trends for Blinds in 2018

3. Personalized window treatments

Simple as blinds may be, blinds with personal touches are about to become trendy in 2018. A basic blind can be a blank canvas for you to customize according to what your heart (house) desires. Customize it with images or scenery that fully exhibits your style. Blinds with personal touches make a house look homelier and warmer, more like a home.

Top Trends for Blinds in 2018 - Top Trends for Blinds in 2018

4. Metallics

As mentioned earlier, thanks to the integration of technology in homes, blinds with metallic finishes are resurfacing from the 80s. Silver, bronze, and golden metallic fabrics layered with sheers can help you achieve the futuristic look. (How about going all the way with automated metallic blinds? Just saying.)

Top Trends for Blinds in 2018 - Top Trends for Blinds in 2018

5.Bold dramatic colors

We’re talking about non-metallic bold colors. People are opening up to the idea of standing out rather than blending in, so blinds with striking colors will certainly make a statement. Pair them with interesting and loud patterns to enhance the dramatic effect on your living space. Don’t be afraid to opt for striking colors like red, purple, or green to leave a lasting impression.

The atmosphere of a house can greatly change depending on what look you are trying to achieve and blinds play an important role in deciding what ambience your living space gives. Be sure to pick something that suits your styles and design so you get to live in your dream house forever!

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